EKOS-1: the production of guaranteed quality reagents

Our company is a a leading Russian manufacture of chemical reagents and high purity chemicals.

Established in 1989, EKOS-1 has grown from a small company to a major supplier in the fine chemicals industry. The company employs more than 350 people, has its own factory and store-houses. Production and storage area is about 10 000 square meters.

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We offer a broad portfolio of more than 600 products elaborated by our own scientific and research centre. We find solutions to different problems of our clients because our specialists have experience and knowledge, and factory obtains modern equipment for chemical production.

Our main activities are:

- organic solvents of high chemical purity;
- acids and salts of pure and extra pure quality;
- reagents for IP- and UV- spectroscopy,
- special reagents and water treatment products for water correction and stabilization, corrosion and microbiological activity prevention, water treatment in steam and water heating;
- reagents for textile industry, professional cleaning, dry-cleaning and laundry;
- research and development .

Quality management system corresponds to ISO 9001. The quality of our products is controlled on different stages of manufacturing.

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We have built up good relations with more than 1500 companies.
Our clients are:
- oil and gas processing plants;
- pharmaceutical companies;
- power plants;
- mechanical industry;
- aerospace industry

We sell our products in Russia and abroad, and have our dealing centers in 15 towns in Russia and Belarus.

We are willing to cooperate with clients and suppliers all over the world, find new partners and develop mutually beneficial relations.

You can see the catalog of organic solvents here:

Catalog organic solvents

Our policy

Our company is building long-term relations with our partners on the basic principles of trust and reliability. We provide our products and services to fulfill customer expectations. We provide the greater level of quality than our competitors.

Certificate GOST ISO 9001-2011

Our quality management system corresponds to the International Standard ISO 9001. We continually improve the quality of our processes and the effectiveness of our system. The constant review and action programs help us to find the best solutions.

Our clients are our priority. We find the most effective solutions to their problems and maintain support. We improve our products, services and sales network to meet the total customer satisfaction.

We are dedicated to develop chemical market in Russia and abroad, to provide innovations and scientific research. We operate with the highest standards of quality and integrity.

We pay great attention to the strategy  of personal training and educating. All of our employees are trained and are supplied with the resources required to ensure the effectiveness of their work.

We believe effective business is high quality business.

Our products

EKOS-1 is a well-known trading mark for fine chemicals in Russia. Our business covers research and investigation, chemical elaboration, manufactory and technological support of all our products.

We produce a wide range of fine chemical products such as organic solvents. acids, salts and special chemical compounds. Our products are manufactured to correspond customers demand. Our product portfolio is constantly expanded and includes chemicals for analyses, gas chromatography, ASD chemicals, chemicals for HPLC and UV-spectroscopy. We provide materials and solutions for analytical and industrial applications. We deal our products in different package (volume from 0,5 l to 200 l) suitable for transporting and keeping. The package is made from advanced materials, and sustains product quality for a long time.

We are a leading supplier of high quality and purity products for petroleum industry, pharmaceutics and veterinary, electronics and micro- electronics, defense industry, aero-space industry, etc.

Our office

Moscow, Electrozavodskaya St., 24, p. 3
Administrative-business centre "Preobrazhensky"

Phone: +7 (495) 983-59-98

Our plant and store-houses

Moscow region,
Staraya Kupavna, Road St., 7

Phone: +7 (495) 702-96-68